CONCERT: Saturday 21st March: 7pm at Bradford Cathedral

Mozart - Missa Solemnis in C minor KV 139

Known as the Waisenhausmesse or 'Orphanage Mass', this piece was written to commemorate the consecration of a new orphanage church in Vienna in 1768. It was commissioned by a Jesuit priest Rev Ignaz Parhammer. Although Mozart was only twelve years old when he wrote it, he was well travelled by then having spent time in Munich, London, Vienna and Prague.

The piece, with its eclectic collection of church, chamber and operatic styles was first performed on the 7th December 1768 in the presence of the Empress Maria Theresa and her children and 'met with universal approval and admiration' according to a contemporary Viennese newspaper. Directed by the composer 'to the applause and admiration of all present', he conducted the Mass with the 'utmost accuracy' and the creative powers of the young Mozart are impressive, to say the least.

Vivaldi - Gloria in D

Vivaldi: priest, music teacher and violinist, composed this piece in Venice probably in 1715, for the Ospedale delta Pieta, an orphanage for girls, famous for its excellent choir and orchestra. According one contemporary review 'The girls sing like angels, and play the violin, the flute, the oboe, the cello, the bassoon, in short there is no instrument large enough to frighten them' (Charles de Brosses). No men, aside from the priest were allowed in the orphanage so all the performers (even the tenors and basses) would have been female.

Although Vivaldi enjoyed considerable success and worked for the orphanage for many years, he was extravagant and squandered his fortune; he was buried in a pauper's grave in Vienna. The music for Gloria in D was found buried among a pile of forgotten manuscripts in the late 1920s and it was not until 1939 when an embellished edition by the composer Alfredo Casella was performed in Siena. The now familiar original version, with its distinctive melodies and rhythms, was published in 1957 and performed by male and female voices in New York at the First Festival of Baroque Choral Music at Brooklyn College.

(adapted from notes by Peter Carey, Royal Free Singers)
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The Bradford Chorale are pleased to
tell you about our next concert on
Saturday 21st March, 7pm at
Bradford Cathedral.

We, together with our
Musical Director, Jonathan Eyre,
are joined by:


Alexander Woodrow


Soprano: Martha Hayward
Contralto: Rowena Thornton
Tenor: David Heathcote
Bass: Donald Stephenson
By Karen Jones