CONCERT: Saturday 14th November 2015: 7pm at Bradford Cathedral
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By Nora Boswell

George Frederik Handel (1685-1759) settled permanently in London in 1712, a couple of years before Elector George of Hanover became King George I of Great Britain and Ireland. What luck for us. What would the media have done without Zadok the Priest to play snatches of almost every time Royalty are mentioned in the news or in historical programmes? Water pageants and firework displays would have been the poorer, and, most importantly, out of the huge body of his marvellous music, we might not have had his great oratorio – Messiah.
The tradition of the audience standing for the Hallelujah Chorus is said to have started with George II: when he stood up, everyone else had to. Of course, he may have just wanted to stretch his legs, but we all know in our hearts that he was prompted to stand by the magnitude of the music.
Choirs never tire of singing this wonderful work and audiences never tire of hearing it. We are thrilled to be getting our turn at performing Messiah this autumn and hope you will be able to come and share the evening with us. Hallelujah indeed.