CONCERT: Saturday 16th April, 7pm at Bradford Cathedral
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Northcliffe Church

The St Luke Passion was formerly attributed to Johann Sebastian Bach. Now there is a view that Bach took the anonymous St Luke Passion and arranged it for four voices, chorus, orchestra, and continuo to meet an urgent deadline for Good Friday in 1730.

The St Luke Passion refers to the two chapters in the Gospel of Luke that describe Christ's trial and death.

When Bach died, one of his musical manuscripts which survived was a setting of this passion. Half of it was written in the composer's handwriting, the other half in his son's.

Any uncertainty apart, this is a marvellous piece of music that we are sure our audience will enjoy as much as we have enjoyed learning it.

We are hugely indebted to The Emerald Foundation for their generous sponsorship of this concert. Without the help of enterprises such as this, concerts like St Luke Passion will become a thing of the past for provincial choirs.

Karen Jones and Nora Boswell